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  • What Is The MOQ For Personalized Labels + HangTag ? +

    The minimum order size of them is 1000 PCS.

    But they are no need to be all used up in 1 order

    Which can be stored in our warehouse for your future orders

  • How Much Are The Personalized Labels + HangTag ? +

    1000 PCS Label = 100 USD.

    1000 PCS HangTag = 100 USD.

    1000 PCS Label + 1000 PCS HangTag = 180 USD.

  • How Long Do I Need To Wait For The Labels + HangTag To Be Done? +

    After the payment of them is received ,

    Factory need 10 days to produce them well.

  • Do I Need To Pay Any Extra Fee After I Paid For The Label / HangTag ? +

    There is no extra fee any more ,

    The amount that you paid include the custom material cost and manpower of sewing label.

  • How Much Do I Need To Pay Again If My 1000 Label Or HangTag Are Run Out Of ? +

    Totally free.

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